Born in the Midwest, somewhere very, very cold, I moved to Southern California in 2002 and discovered that when you live in sun and warmth all year long, you are very, very happy.

A former Corporate Skirt (after 14 sometimes-exciting, sometimes-fun, sometimes-boring years), I was suddenly so over it. I’m now in my second career as a marbler, writer, and artist.

My own discovery of marbling as a fine art was pure luck and spontaneous — much like the art form itself. While on vacation with friends, I stumbled upon a special exhibition featuring over two dozen marbling artists from around the world. I was immediately captivated by the art form and ended up taking a class from the curator of that exhibit and a master marbler himself.

That was in 2008. I’ve been marbling — practicing and studying both independently and with other professional marblers — every day since. My work has been featured in art and lifestyle magazines, juried shows, and galleries. My marbled pieces have been used in bookbinding, mixed media, fashion accessories (purses and scarves), home décor, and more.

Aside from my creative pursuits, I enjoy spending time volunteering (anything to do with animals and/or conservation work makes me happy), taking in musical concerts and dance performances, and reading, reading, reading. My husband, for whom I enjoy making delicious meals and with whom I love to travel, is a constant source of adventure and happiness. Oh yeah, and I have a cat. She’s a rescue. And deaf. All white. All fuzzy soft. All loving. And she makes a brief cameo in the promo video!

For a more official CV and a look at my portfolio, you’re welcome to visit