Classrooms are available for purchase individually
or you can buy the Complete Experience (all three classrooms) for $295...a savings of $70!

Your investment includes downloadable handouts and one-year access (individual classrooms) or lifetime access (the Complete Experience) to all written and video content as well as the private Facebook community.

Introduction to Paper Marbling — $189

In this course, you will learn the Turkish form of marbling on paper called Ebru. Translated, Ebru means “cloud.” And that is exactly what paint on the water bath looks like: clouds on water! You will be guided through every step of the marbling process to help you create a successful experience at home, from building your confidence with marbling techniques to learning how to deal with hiccups along the way.

Topics covered in over 35 videos and 40 web pages include:

  • Setting up your marbling space.
  • Making special marbling tools.
  • Preparing the water bath and mordant.
  • Floating paint on water.
  • Creating foundation patterns.
  • Exploring traditional patterns and variations on those patterns.
  • Troubleshooting tips.

Advanced Marbling Techniques — $79

Building on the Introduction to Paper Marbling course (or on your own prior marbling experience), you’ll continue your exploration of marbling with advanced technique instruction and experimental play.

Topics covered in over more than 15 video and pictorial demonstrations and 20 web pages include:

  • Advanced traditional patterns.
  • Advanced techniques such as masking.
  • Marbling on 3D objects.
  • Marbling on non-traditional materials such as wood, vinyl, clay, and leaves.
  • Using additives and non-traditional substances to create special effects.

Marbling on Fabric — $99

Fabric is such a beautiful material to marble on and offers an endless realm of possibilities for its uses. While basic paper marbling techniques are used to marble on fabric, there is a different set of prep and post-marbling (curing) work to be done. We will build on what was learned in the Introduction to Paper Marbling course (or on your own prior marbling experience) to create gorgeous fabrics.

Topics covered in over more than 10 video demonstrations and 25 web pages include:

  • Preparing fabric.
  • Building tanks for special projects.
  • Marbling on small pieces of fabric.
  • Marbling on large pieces of fabric.
  • Special techniques such as masking.
  • Finishing (curing) fabric.

THE COMPLETE EXPERIENCE (all three classrooms)— $295

Enjoy special package pricing and save $70! Purchase all three classrooms and go deep in your marbling study. You’ll have access to more than 60 video and pictorial demonstrations and 85 web pages — resulting in a well rounded marbling education!