“I am so proud of this beautiful, ethereal offering of hand making by Barb Skoog and Animyst. Barb, the world has been waiting to learn your marbling techniques! The possibilities are endless, and I REALLY appreciate your ethics around crafting. I can’t stop watching the video!!!”
—Pixie L.
“Mesmerizing, meditative, fun....these are the three words that keep coming up for me as I edit the videos for our latest colorful collaboration Clouds on Water. Barb Skoog is a passionate, engaging, firecracker of a teacher and artist. I’m not sure I’ve met anyone with quite as much delightful enthusiasm when it comes to sharing their process. Marbling is a centuries-old tradition and yet Barb brings it into our modern day experience with ease and grace.”
—Michelle Madden Smith (co-founder, Animyst)
“Barb Skoog, this is seriously one of THE most fulfilling creative endeavors I’ve ever experienced. It’s not just the joy I personally get out of it - to be able to impart the techniques to others and watch them get TOTALLY engrossed and in LOVE with their own artistry. Ka-POW!”
—Maya S.
“My dear friends from Animyst have teamed up with the lovely Barb Skoog to launch Clouds on Water: A Journey into the World of Marbling. I had the pleasure to marble with Barb one afternoon and it was pure magic! I can’t wait to do it again with my girls!”
—Stefanie L.
“It’s been an AMAZING class, Barb. I’m completely in love with marbling and see myself doing much more of it. Thank you for your wonderful and thorough instruction!!!”
—Kelley W.