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You are going to LOVE marbling. You really are. And this eCourse will get you up and marbling in no time. Marbling is an incredibly user-friendly art form. No previous painting experience—or any other kind of art experience—is necessary to learn how to marble. All you need is a sense of adventure. And once you get a few basic technical skills down, there really is no way to fail at it. You’ll be WOWED by the VERY FIRST piece of paper you pull from your marbling tank!

What I personally love most about marbling is that every piece is truly a unique piece of art, never to be replicated again. Each marbled paper is as individual and specific as you are in that very moment. Which means you can let go of expectations, let go of perfection, and simply enjoy the moment. It is an incredibly freeing and forgiving art form allowing you to experiment with new colors, new patterns, new designs, new directions...over and over again in a single marbling session. Or you can sink into refining a pattern or design and still end up with new inspiration every time because each marbled paper emerges from the marbling tank with its own personality.

But the best part of marbling . . .  you can do so much with your creations. You can easily bring marbling into your existing creative practice or start a whole new one!

What Can You Do With Marbled Paper?

Endless. There are endless opportunities for your marbled papers.

  • Art journals and bookbinding (covers, end sheets, and signature wraps)

  • Notecards, envelopes, bookmarks

  • Scrapbooking

  • Collage

  • Table setting decorations: place cards, napkin rings, food tags, coasters

  • Mattes for picture frames

  • Gift tags and wrapping paper

  • Holiday and party decorations — New Year’s, St. Patty’s Day, Christmas, birthdays!

  • Framed home décor

  • Jewelry

And once you feel comfortable at the marbling tank with paper, you can easily move on to marbled fabric for purses, clothing, and accessories like scarves; and marble on other substrates like wood, canvas, tree leaves, 3D objects, and more (which is taught in the Advanced Marbling Techniques classroom).

What You Will Learn

Clouds on Water is a self-paced eCourse you begin at any time. All materials, videos, and downloads are available to you upon registration and depending on which package you choose, you will have from one-year to lifetime access to all content. In addition, there is a private Facebook group where participants can interact with one another in a supportive community. There are times I also bop in and give feedback, answer questions, and provide troubleshooting advice as needed.

In the Introduction to Paper Marbling classroom, you will learn the Turkish form of marbling on paper called Ebru. Translated, Ebru means “cloud.” And that is exactly what paint on the water bath looks like: clouds on water! You will be guided through every step of the marbling process to help you create a successful experience at home, from building your confidence with marbling techniques to learning how to deal with hiccups along the way.

Topics covered in over 35 videos and 40 web pages include:

  • Setting up your marbling space.

  • Making special marbling tools.

  • Preparing the water bath and mordant.

  • Floating paint on water.

  • Learning the five foundation patterns.

  • Exploring traditional patterns and variations on those patterns.

  • Troubleshooting tips.

What kind of space is necessary for marbling?

Like with many art forms, there are some things to consider when setting up your marbling space. The main thing to think about is that marbling is a WET process and you will likely get water on the floor and paint on the table. Covering your table with plastic or protecting your floor with a drop cloth are easy solutions. Marbling in a garage or on a patio is another option. You will need a table large enough for your tank and paints to sit on and a place to hang your wet papers to dry. These may be two separate areas. I dry my papers outside on a clothesline right outside my studio where I marble inside.

How much time do I need to marble?

There is some prep work involved before each marbling session and you will need to do this 24-hours before you begin to marble. Marbling involves floating paint on thickened water which is referred to as a bath. Once made, the bath lasts three to seven days (sometimes longer depending on the temperature you’re working in) and then becomes unusable. It is recommended that the very first time you marble, you carve out six to eight hours (over a two-day period is great!) to maximize the initial learning process. After a while, as you become more experienced, you can marble in any space of time you wish to commit to. Sometimes I marble two to three hours a day for the life of my bath and other times I marble just one hour a day. Many students find it easy to marble a few hours to several hours over the weekend.

What kind of supplies will I need?

Surprisingly, aside from a few materials specific to marbling (like the carrageenan to make your bath with and the alum for your mordent), you can source a lot of supplies from your existing creative practice, around your home, or even at the hardware store. For the Introduction to Paper Marbling eCourse, here is an overview of the materials you will need to begin marbling. A more detailed list, with links to all my resources, will be sent to you once you register. Some supplies are only available through mail order, which is why I give you my source list. I also offer a variety of Starter Marbling Kits, which include nearly everything you need to get started marbling right away.

What technical set up do I need in order to best participate?

You will need a computer (Mac or PC) and high-speed internet connection so you can view the videos (if you can watch the promo video, you should be fine).

Have more questions?

Visit the FAQ page for additional commonly asked Q&As. Or if you have a question not answered here, feel free to contact me!

Are you ready to experience the joys of marbling?

I would absolutely love to take you on the journey so you can discover the marbler in you. I fell in love with marbling more than a decade ago and since then, I’ve made it my passion “to bring marbling to the masses.” I wanted to make marbling accessible to everyone, not just those who happened to have a marbling teacher in their community. So I set out to create a high-quality learning experience with the depth and breadth of knowledge that only comes with thousands of hours of marbling under one’s belt . . . and boundless passion for the art form. Clouds on Water was made for you.

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