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There’s something different about marbling on fabric that’s a tad bit more exhilarating than paper. It just seems . . . well, more alive. Perhaps it’s that our relationship with fabric is so different than with paper. While one curls up with a good book, it’s always under our favorite soft, comfy blanket. We wrap ourselves up in fabric. We upholster our chairs with it. We line our dinner tables and frame our windows with it. Fabric just feels more personal than paper.

While marbling on fabric follows the same basic principles of marbling on paper, there is a whole different set of prep and post-marbling steps involved. There are also slightly different things to consider when it comes to design and pattern. But there is still that same exhilaration that comes every time you pull a piece from the bath.

Marbling never fails in delivering beauty and awe.

Marbled fabric has been used for quilts; fashion accessories like handbags, belts, and scarves; clothing; tapestries; accent pillows; curtains; tableware; and so much more. It’s yet another adventure into the world of marbling.

What You Will Learn

Clouds on Water is a self-paced eCourse you begin at any time. All materials, videos, and downloads are available to you upon registration and depending on which package you choose, you will have from one-year to lifetime access to all content. In addition, there is a private Facebook group where participants can interact with one another in a supportive community. There are times I also bop in and give feedback, answer questions, and provide troubleshooting advice as needed.

Fabric is such a beautiful material to marble on and offers an endless realm of possibilities for its uses. While basic paper marbling techniques are used to marble on fabric, there is a different set of prep and post-marbling (curing) work to be done. We will build on what was learned in the Introduction to Paper Marbling eCourse (or on your own prior marbling experience) to create gorgeous fabrics.

Topics covered in more than 10 video demonstrations and 25 web pages include:

  • Preparing fabric.

  • Building tanks for special projects.

  • Marbling on small pieces of fabric.

  • Marbling on large pieces of fabric.

  • Special techniques such as masking.

  • Finishing (curing) fabric.

Do I need to know how to marble to take this eCourse?

Yes, prior marbling experience, or the Introduction to Paper Marbling eCourse is required for this class. This eCourse does not teach the basics of marbling such as how to make a bath, mix paints, or apply the mordant. You should also have an understanding of basic pattern technique such as Stone, Gelgit, and Nonpareil. You don’t have to be a master marbler . . .  you just need to know the basics!

What kind of space is necessary for the Marbling on Fabric eCourse?

Marbling on fabric can be done in your existing marbling space. The only exception is if you use or build an extra-large tank to accommodate yards of fabric or specialty fabric like scarves. Then space for that tank as well as drying will have to be taken into consideration. However, most students start out marbling on fabric the same size as the paper they normally marble on. So for the purposes of learning, your regular marbling space should be adequate. Keep in mind, marbling, as always, is a WET process and even more so when it comes to fabric. Covering your floor with a drop cloth or newspaper to keep your working area dry are easy solutions. Marbling in a garage or on a patio is another option.

How much time do I need to marble?

Aside from your actual marbling time, there is an additional day or two of prep and up to two weeks post-marbling time necessary for marbling on fabric—however, those pre- and post-marbling days don’t require you to be at the tank or in the studio the entire day (but will require a few hours of your time).

What kind of supplies will I need?

The materials needed (beyond the basic marbling set up) are minimal and easily available and will be provided once you register. This list is an overview and includes suggestions for the best fabrics upon which to marble.

What technical set up do I need in order to best participate?

You will need a computer (Mac or PC) and high-speed internet connection so you can view the videos (if you can watch the promo video, you should be fine).

Have more questions?

Visit the FAQ page for additional commonly asked Q&As. Or if you have a question not answered here, feel free to contact me!

 Are you ready to have some marbling on fabric fun?

I would absolutely love to take you on the journey so you can discover the adventuresome marbler in you. I fell in love with marbling more than a decade ago and since then, I’ve made it my passion “to bring marbling to the masses.” I wanted to make marbling accessible to everyone, not just those who happened to have a marbling teacher in their community. So I set out to create a high-quality learning experience with the depth and breadth of knowledge that only comes with thousands of hours of marbling under one’s belt . . . and boundless passion for the art form. Clouds on Water was made for you.

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